• Electronic S-Guard

    ELECTRONIC SECURITY GUARD - RENTAL SYSTEM ________________________________________________________________ A pro-active and EVENT DRIVEN video alarm that can see day/night – an intrusion detection, 10sec video is sent to the control for verification. Ultimately reaction and theft prevention ie. fight back solutions are deployed. (Armed response & SAPS – last resort). HUGE COST SAVINGS compared to conventional Guards.
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  • Smartphone App

    YapYap is our newest notification app, that gives you full insight into the status of your alarm system. Get push notifications of alarms, arming and disarming as well as low battery and power failures. CLICK HERE to download the complete YapYap instructions manual.
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Macado Technologies is a pro-active innovative company that took its first steps in January 2014 to becoming specialists in developing the most advanced technology and being a leader in the field of security, to define the future of state of the art security solutions & crime prevention strategies.

Our approach to business is to fully understand each customer’s specific needs and present them with innovative, tailor-made and cost-effective solutions.
Every solution presented to a customer is sustainable in terms of strategic assessment, customization, integration and quality.

We offer our clients the alternative to CCTV cameras (blind detection) and manned guarding (highly expensive) with event driven rental detection, immediate verification from our 24/7 intervention specialists and fight back options to prevent intrusion and save people’s lives. In proud partnership with Videofied South Africa, we up the ante to strive for perfection.

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Macado’s vision is to:
Offer an alternative solution to manned guarding and armed reaction services, and to apply intervention methods to proactively protect the assets of our customers.
As a leader in our field we will define the future of state of the art security solutions and crime prevention strategies.

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Blind Alarm small    ●  Alternative to armed reaction or guards – Save HUGE costs.

    ●  No long term, fixed contract that will bind you. (One month notice is required)

    ●  System rentals available at highly affordable rates.

Surveillance systems typically use DVRs to record video from the surveillance cameras(CCTV) continuously for later review in the event of a problem. As any police officer will affirm, outdoor thieves are rarely identified with surveillance video recordings. The obvious flaw with recorded video is that by the time the problem is discovered, the crooks are long gone, and all that is left is an image of the back of their sweatshirt and the top of their balaklava.

Our video alarm verified systems(Videofied South Africa) are designed to detect intruders and notify police immediately, sending a 10 second video clip of what caused the alarm to a monitoring station for review and police dispatch. This means police respond to a crime in progress and can catch the crooks in the act. One significant benefit of this approach is that police give priority response to video alarms. They support video alarms because they make more arrests. Due to video alarm systems confirming the presence of an intruder, clients aren’t saddled with increasing fines for false alarms, and police arrest the perpetrators.

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