● The OMV outdoor MotionViewer is a wireless, battery operated camera. The camera is triggered by motion detection or wired input activation. It is designed for use in a Videofied® security system. Motion-activated cameras are intended for outdoor applications where video-verification is needed.

The OMV consists of a digital camera, passive infrared motion detector, and a spread spectrum S2View® radio module. S2View® is a proprietary Videofied® interactive, encrypted wireless circuitry for secure two way communication with the control panel. The OMV is fitted with a wired inputs/outputs module (3 inputs/1 output, 2 inputs are supervised). A video is taken when one of the inputs is triggered. Those inputs provide video-verification to a third-party sensor like an infrared barrier. The wired output can activate a strobe or a projector. The camera consists of a CMOS sensor and a 90° wide angle lens. Four infrared LEDs provide a night illumination distance of up to 12 meters. A Fresnel lens ensures passive infrared motion detection. The standard detection pattern is 90° and an optimal detection distance of 12 meters from the MotionViewer. 3 additional lenses are also provided : Horizontal Curtain, Vertical Curtain, and Beam. – Download full spec sheet here.



● The Indoor MotionViewer®(IMV), a battery-powered PIR motion sensor with an integrated digital video camera and infrared illuminators, is designed to detect an intrusion, instantaneously record a 10 second video and send the video alarm signal to our control panel via RF for cellular relay to the central station where immediate review/verification can initiate a priority response and dispatch.



●  The Indoor Door/Window Contact(IDC) is a battery operated, wireless door contact designed for use in our video verification security system. Door contacts are intended for use in detecting the opening and closing of doors, windows, or cabinet doors/drawers.



● The Smoke Detector(SD) enhances protection and uses advanced optical detection technology. It is wireless and sends an immediate alarm signal to the control room when smoke has been detected, potentially eliminating great company loss.

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