Fight-Back management


Macado prides itself by implementing the latest, most advanced technology solutions in an attempt to fight off intruders.  We believe in technology being the future, and implementing it is an effective tactic to stop criminals prior to committing the crime.

Here are some of our Fight-Back solutions:


* These units get triggered by one of our intervention specialists.
* 20 Bar pressure distributes the gas along high pressure pipes and effectively covers a very large outside area…
* Smaller units are also available for indoor use.



* Amplified HORN speakers are strategically placed around premises.
* The control room then dials into the panel and verbally challenges the intruders with personalized messages.
* Most of the time, criminals that are caught in the act of trying to break in, before they have committed the crime, will flee the premises.

* Motorized tsunami siren. This siren comes in various sizes, up to 131 db with 2km noise range.
* This siren will only be activate by the control room once a verified threat has been detected.

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