YAPYAP Mobile Security App







This is an app that allows you to received information regarding your alarm system, and will in the near future replace our current sms service. This app allows you to receive all the signals that our control centre receives automatically without the intervention or action of a control centre operator. These signals include open / closing signals, alarm signals, mains failure and restoral signals.

• Yap Yap is a cutting edge mobile security application that turns your smart mobile device into your personal home alarm management system. This application is free to download and connects you directly to Macado Technologies and allows you to be instantly informed of any activity on your monitored premises.
• Yap Yap also makes it possible to seamlessly and securely manage aspects of your security profile, including key holder’s details, holiday instructions and site contact personnel. This application allows you to easily test your alarm system to ensure correct alarm functionality.
• Yap Yap also doubles up as a panic button on your monitored premises.

The app also allows you to:
–  Cancel a false alarm without phoning with a secure 4 digit pin
–  Press a panic button from your phone
–  Request a technical service call
–  Request a sales representative
–  Load your own holiday instructions
–  Load and manage additional key holders to also received the alarm activity information

Read more about the YAPYAP app, its functions and advantages by downloading the user manual.

CLICK HERE to download the manual on how to Register

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