Home Alarm

● Are you fed up with the expense and inconvenience of  FALSE ALARMS?


The video verification technology has been designed to eradicate the stress and cost of false alarms.

Each motion sensor takes a 10 second video clip that is sent to our control room and verified by our intervention specialists, before remotely activating the siren/alarm. This completely eliminates ALL false alarms because we can see the cause of the trigger. The sensors have been designed to pick up even the slightest movements, so no intruder can even attempt to sneak past the MotionViewer. Our alarm technology will never inconvenience you again. We will only wake you under real, verified threat circumstances.

Motion viewers are strategically placed on the perimeter of your property to provide an early detection and thus effective alarm system.

Fight-back solutions are then triggered/activated by the control room to warn/deter intruders.

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