This is what your current guarding solutions offer: 

Picture3*  Companies start out with one guard…
*  Perimeter patrol every hour, clocking points set out…
*  One realizes that one guard is not enough so…
*  More guards are requested and suddenly it is not so cost effective anymore!
*  Cost +- R8000 p/guard p/month

Guards are nothing more than unarmed, expensive “panic button pushers.” – This button is linked to a control room that sends armed reaction or the police. Why do you need a human, unarmed guard for such a simple task?

Our ES-guard solution not only reduces the cost of expensive guards but also replaces them with technology:

*  Night guards, like most human beings, like to sleep at night, thus impeding their efficiency to a bare minimum.

* Guards tend to become the channel of information  passed on to the criminals. They have all the time in the world to make notes and study access procedures, security loopholes and the like…

Here is how it works:


*  Motion-viewers are strategically placed  along parameter lines…
*  They are linked to our control room…
*  Once a video alarm is triggered, a 10 sec video gets sent to the control room for verification…

* The control room operator then follows clients procedures and triggers the siren.
* This should deter the intruder, while police is on their way.
* Alternate fight-back products can be implemented.


For a fraction of the price of one guard, we can implement a wireless, battery operated, remote monitored & controlled technology that never sleeps.

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