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With most intruder detection systems being blind, a staggering 99% of all alarm activations are false.

The result is minimal prevention and a less than 1% arrest rate.

This is a costly and ineffective security solution!

Macado Technologies

Always Alert!

Security Solutions

What we do

We are in the business of remote off-site alarm verification and Fight Back. We use technology to reduce our clients' reliance on manned guarding and armed response whilst driving cost down.

By utilising revolutionary Videofied® technology, Macado provides a completely wireless and battery operated security system with very few false alarms, priority Fight Back and high apprehension.

3 steps to reduce business losses

How do we do it

We integrate 3 critical elements into a revolutionary proactive security solution.

Intrusion Tracking

When an alarm is activated a 10 second video clip is transmitted to our monitoring centre for instant review.

Monitoring Centre

Our intervention specialists remotely reviews the video footage to identify any illegal human intrusion on the premises.

Fight Back

On confirmation of a crime in progress, our control room immediately initiates environment specific crime prevention technologies.

"We are the industry leaders in video verification and the use of proactive crime Fight Back solutions.
Give us your most difficult site and Macado Technologies will solve your security challenge."

Thys Le Grange – Managing Director, Macado Technologies

this is not CCTV... but better!

It is a video verification system. Our monitoring centre only receives a 10 second video clip when human movement is detected and initiates quick and focused reaction.
“This is by far the most effective way to detect and manage a security breach which I have seen in all my years in the security industry.”

Thys le Grange, Managing Director - Macado Technologies

What makes us different

Our Approach

The Macado monitoring centre is highly effective and is the "core" of our service offering.


"In all my years in the security industry this is by far the best control room I have seen in operation.
It is slick, focused and highly effective"

Roy Rawlins – Operational Director, Macado Technologies

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Fight back technology

Macado prides itself in the implementation of the latest most advanced technology based solutions in an attempt to proactively fight off intruders before damage can be caused. Each Fight Back solution is carefully designed and integrated to provide an effective industry specific solution.

Some Fight Back solutions:

High speed fog is ejected on verification of intruders or threat. It causes total disorientation and makes it impossible to see. Fog is not dangerous to people and animals and does not leave residuals.



Amplified HORN speakers are strategically placed around premises. The control room then dials into the panel & verbally challenges intruders with personalised messages.


Voice Challenge

Motorised tsunami siren. This siren comes in various sizes, up to 131 db with 2km noise range. This siren will only be activated by the control room once a verified threat has been detected.


Motorised High-Powered Siren

These units get triggered by one of our intervention specialists. 20 Bar pressure distributes gas along high pressure pipes & effectively covers a large outside area. Smaller units are also available for indoor use.


Pepper Spray

Fogger & Motionviewers

"We believe that technology is the future and implementing it
is an effective tactic to deter criminals before they can commit a crime"

Hannes Mostert – IT Director, Macado Technologies

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Macado Electronic Guarding Solution

Macado is revolutionising the security industry by moving away from traditional manned guarding to technology based solutions that are more reliable and cost effective.


Traditional Guarding Solution


Companies normally start off by placing one guard.

They quickly realise that one guard is not enough.

Additional guards are deployed.

The result is a costly ineffective security solution.

The Macado Electronic (ES) Guarding Solution

The Macado monitoring centre is highly effective and is the "core" of our service offering.

Motionviewers are strategically placed and linked.

Triggered alarms send a 10 second video

to our control room for verification.

Intervention Specialist initiates proactive Fight Back.

Intruders are deterred whilst armed response is on their way.


Videofied Motion Viewers

security solution


Videofied is the international leader in video verification. The equipment is completely wireless and is battery operated making installation even in remote areas quick and hassle- free.

MotionViewers ® are the critical devices that provide video verification for whatever or whoever has triggered the detector.

Macado Technologies is the biggest installer of videofied equipment in South Africa and the only monitoring centre that specialises in alarm verification.

Macado Technologies

Always Alert!


Why use Macado?



Best Infrastructure

With years of experience in control room design and operational management we created an ergonomically designed monitoring centre with the best equipment. This incorporates reliable communication infrastructure with anti-noise cancelling and a multi-layered failover capacity.


Best Intervention Specialists

We have researched and developed an internationally recognised operator suitability screening, scenario based training model and operational management systems to ensure the highest level of operator competence in the industry.


Best Back-up & Support

Our national footprint provides 24/7 technical backup and support. Various maintenance options are available to meet your specific requirements and budget.


Fight Back Solutions

Macado Technologies is the undisputed leader in the development and application of Fight Back technologies all designed to proactively meet the security challenges faced by various industries.


Professional Management

The management of Macado consists of a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals, each with specific individual strengths, focussed by a common goal and with a hands-on approach to managing the business.


Video verification focus

Our business has a single focus: The installation and monitoring of videofied equipment which is integrated with proactive fight back. This is what we do and we do this “exceptionally” well!

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Our Footprint


We have the capability to install, monitor and maintain our security systems throughout South Africa, some african countries and Saudi Arabia. Contact us to see how we can be of service to you.




The characteristics of our product and the Macado team's extensive experience enable us to design and provide security solutions, which take into account the unique challenges of specific industries. Some of the industries that we provide a service to include the following:




Click to view our Industry case studies to see how we protect a wide range of industries (Mining, Retail, Residential, Commercial, Billboards) and deliver faster response, more arrests and reduced losses.

Billboards - Strobe

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Some of our Clients

Macado have implemented security solutions across all sectors, which has enabled us to grow and specialise alongside our clients.

Macado Technologies

Always Alert!


What Clients Say About us


Until now people have been protecting their families and assets with ‘blind alarms’ or CCTV. Both of which offer zero detection in the event of a total power outage. Our primary product is the Videofied Eskom-free intruder alarm system complete with video verification and backup support that may be purchased outright on rented.

In addition, our fight-back system allows us to shout directly at the intruders, contain their movements by remotely opening and closing doors or, if necessary, blast them with sirens, lights, fog or pepper gas. This is available to all customers that have risk concerns. Applications of this system are limited by the franchisees imagination, and already include, all commercial, retail and industrial sites, lock-ups, cigarette and liquor stores, petrol stations, cash offices, copper installations and homes.